Cheapest Electronic Stores to Checkout in Finland

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Finland is well-known around the globe for its innovative designs and high-quality glass, ceramics, metalwork, and electronics. Since Nokia is headquartered there, it’s no surprise that Finland is widely recognized as a leader in developing cutting-edge electronics and producing high-quality consumer electronics. Regarding the quality of electronics built around the world, Finland ranks at number 14.

Like the other Nordic countries, Finland isn’t the cheapest destination to buy electronics, but if you’re looking for top-notch products at a fair price, Finland has got the right products for you. Don’t look elsewhere if buying new electronics is on your mind. Based on Finnish evaluations in 2022, the following are the best stores to shop for cheap but high-quality electronics in Finland. And if you want to know more about these stores, then you should give Reviewsbird a check. Here you can find company reviews for the best products.

List of Cheap Electronic Stores to Check Out in Finland

Pretty much all the popular electronics stores have their outlets in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. But I have gathered a list of the cheapest ones that you can check out.

Power Sello Espo

It is in Espo, as the place’s moniker suggests. It is the least expensive of them all. It offers good service in addition to discounts on various deals.

Elgood Oy

Since 1997, Finland’s Elgood Oy has represented top electronics manufacturers. It is in Vantaa and focuses on cost-effective solutions for all electronic equipment.

Espoo Sinimaentie 14

Sinimäentie 14 in Espoo’s expanding Mankkaa neighborhood is convenient for businesses needing office or storage space. It also has a wide range of electronic appliances at affordable prices.

Jimm’s PC-Store OY

This shop is well-known for providing excellent service and competitive pricing at its Turku location. Take a look if you’re in search of something cheap and varied.


Although the prices may not be the most competitive, the store is extremely well-known because it has numerous locations across numerous cities in Finland.

Apple shop

Probably everyone knows about Apple. In the case of Finland, there are many Apple stores available, but the prices are more affordable in Helsinki. Their e-store also has one of the best online shop reviews in Finland. But you can explore other options too and see what fits you the best,

Clas Ohlson

Shoppers looking for a wide variety of electronic items for their office or home will be pleased to learn that this establishment has what they need. In addition to storing television cables and universal remote control, the store has household items too. The plus point of Clas Ohlson is the low prices and the calm atmosphere in Helsinki.


Although Prices at this store are lower than others, it is the best electronics store in Finland. This company grew from a one-person store to a Finnish electronics powerhouse.

Last word

Finland’s capital and largest city, Helsinki, is a metropolitan area with a more significant number of shopping avenues devoted to electronic goods than other cities. When compared to those in Helsinki, the electronic stores in Espoo, Vantaa, and Turku all have lower prices while maintaining the same high quality. Because they are suburbs, the average cost of a home there is lower than in the city of Helsinki. In general, Finland is an expensive place for tourists to shop. The indigenous people of Finland have no problem shopping for high-end and pricey consumer electronics.